Simplify your dispatching. Search load boards quickly.

Minimize clutter, save time, and work faster. Aggregate all of the load boards you visit into one and search them quickly, easily, and effortlessly.

Don 't split your focus

Don't split your focus

Keeping track of multiple load boards is difficult. Let Yedi manage that for you. Keep your dispatchers focused on making calls.

Making calls

Make calls faster

Yedi's integrated phone makes calling faster and easier. Don't spend time dialing and juggling multiple lines. Make more calls and make them faster.

Eliminate outdated boards

So many load boards have outdated layouts, are hard to navigate,
are filled with clutter, and impossible to filter. Yedi takes poorly formatted data and displays it in a consistent, organized way.

Books loads worth moving

Only see the loads you would like to see, don't bother with anything else. Use our filter options to remove the loads that aren't worth looking at.